Meitheal is a leadership programme which operates in 19 secondary schools in the Kildare and Leighlin diocese.

Meitheal is about a group of 10 senior cycle students who will work to make the school a more caring environment. In the process taking actions on real needs in their school and learning about their own individual potentialities.

The Meitheal programme is designed to educate and empower young people in their schools. The students, leaders and others educate each other through leadership, taking action, liturgy, reflection and evaluation.

All students who participate on the programme have to attend a week’s training course. This course will give the students all the skills they will need to work as a Meitheal team in their school.

Meitheal asks people to step beyond their own needs and to act on the needs of others. On the training week students are given the skills to identify needs in their school and how to act upon those needs. Meitheal is also about looking out for the people in your group and maintaining the spirit of Meitheal. Meitheal also encourages students to use their learning in everyday life with their friends, family and parish.

Meitheal is very much about transformation, it’s about trying to make a difference, to make your school a better place for all.

MEITHEAL 2019/2020

On the 9th of June 2019, the 10 Meitheal students from KTCS went down to Castletown, County Laois to begin a week’s long training being completely unaware of what was to come. Throughout the week we developed personally but also bonded as a group and soon became extremely close friends. Four days into the residential week, we had our commissioning ceremony where we received our badges and then truly became a team. By the end of the week we developed life-long skills and lessons by working as a team but also became life-long friendships.

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August we met with the first year’s for the first time on their induction days. They got to meet their Meitheal leaders and were split into their base classes, and were then taken on a day full of fun, to help them settle into the school. To further settle them in, we played games, icebreakers and also gave them a tour of the school to familiarise themselves with the layout. By the end of the day we hoped they felt welcome and comfortable in the school, as well as their class and us Meitheal leaders.

In the coming weeks we have many activities and outings planned to give the first years an opportunity to mix as a year group. With a retreat planned for the 26th of September and the 3rd of October, it hopefully leaves plenty of time to make new friends and ask their Meitheal leaders any questions they might have. We’ve also planned to “catch-up” with the first years once a month to allow for any issues to be raised so we can try help.

It’s still early in the academic year. Our Meitheal team meets weekly and talks about organising as many activities as we can for our first years. We try to make their first year experience in KTCS as enjoyable as possible.

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