School Staff

School Staff

Management Team of KTCS 2018/2019

Senior Leadership Team

Responsibilities (These are not exhaustive and change regularly)

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Principal: John Hayes

Location: Upstairs Office, directly above the main office.

Child Protection (DLP), Finance, Board of Management, Posts of Responsibilities, Timetabling, DES allocations, Staffing, Droichead, School Improvement Plan & SSE, Grievance Procedures, Policy Development, Suspensions & Expulsions.


Deputy Principal 1: Mary Hackett

Location: Main Office Downstairs, DP1

Senior Discipline, Child Protection (DLP), S&S rota, school phone, Policy Development and Reviewing, Friday Flyer, Extra-curricular timetabling & requests, Student Awards, Prefects, Sub teachers, Sub SNAs, PMEs, JCT & Curriculum Development, JCPAs, Magenta Principles, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities, School Diary and Front Office.


Deputy Principal 2: Jenny O’Halloran

Location: DP2 Upstairs

Junior Discipline, SEN care team, Teaching and Learning, Subject Planning & Subject Documentation, Website, Attendance, Parents’ Association, Posts of Responsibilities, Agenda/prep for staff meetings, Merit/Rewards events, School Self Evaluation, TL21 and Magenta Principles, Meitheal and Tutors.


Deputy Principal 3: Fiona Behan

Location: Acorn Office & Office beside canteen

SEN/Acorn, SEN care team, Programme Coordination and Development, Student Leadership Programmes (Student Council and Meitheal), Assembly Schedule, Parents Association, Posts of Responsibilities, SEN allocation, Staff Meeting Committee, Meet with psychologists/SCP.

Middle Leadership Team

Assistant Principal I's

Thomas Hartnett

Majella Murphy

Grace O'Loughlin

David Smyth

John Rourke

Margaret Thompson

Liz Urell

Assistant Principals II's

Mairead Murphy ( Ty Co-Coordinator)

Niamh Russell (Student Profiling)

Sinead Kenny (Junior Cycle Co-ordinator)

Sarah Flynn (House Exams)

Padraic Dowdican (Attendance officer)

Brigid Lawlor (Student Voice)

Rose O Sullivan (SEN Co-ordinator)

Ciara Conroy (Acorn Centre Co-ordinator)


Louise Egan

Guidance Counsellor

Elizabeth Urell


Year heads 2019-2020

Grace O'Loughlin (1st Year)

Dave Smyth (2nd Year)

Liz Urell (3rd Year)

Majella Murphy (5th Year)

Margaret Thompson (6th Year)

School Completion Programme

Joan Yorke & Isabelle McCormack

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