Article on the KTCS Runners 2017/2018 by Adam Corcoran (First Year)

Soon after arriving to KTCS, Mr Mc Evoy set up a running club after school on Fridays. To be honest, I wasn’t initially sold on the idea of running around the football pitch when I could be relaxing at home enjoying the half day. But Mr Mc Evoy can be convincing, telling us that it would give us a “six pack” and “it would be great for our overall health”. I eventually decided to give it a try. Contrary to what you might expect though, I really enjoyed it! And everyone that turns up appears to have the craic too.

The running has a wide variety of activities, such as relay, 2km jogs around the pitch and my specialty 100 metre timed sprints. We try to keep it fun with banter during the warm-ups and at the end of our sessions we usually have a game of cat and mouse. New faces show up every week, a couple of times there has been as many as 18.

The running isn’t specific to just one year group because we have students from all year groups, both boys and girls. I would say that it has been great for my physical health and mental heath as afterwards I have forgotten about all the demands that school has on me. I always leave in good form, as does the other guys and girls and it really sets me up for the weekend.

Of course running can be challenging, especially when you are not used to it. I found the longer distances particularly difficult in the beginning because I was only used to sprints but I do enjoy the way that it makes me feel when I completed the 2km run and I think it’s a great experience.

As this is my first year in KTCS I have to say that the running every week without fail has been one of my favourite activities and I can’t wait to compete in a competition! If you want to get fit and make new friends come on and meet with us every Friday after school for just one hour and I guarantee you will leave with a smile because you will have had a bucket load of fun.

Old Athletics News

Congrats to all the students who took part in the Track and Field events. The school won a total of 6 medals at the South Leinsters. John Fitzsimmons went on to represent the school at the Leinster finals where he finished 2nd in the 400m and he will now compete in the All Ireland Schools in June. Best of Luck John.

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