Study Tips


Study tips used by students in KTCS

Study tips of the week collected from 6th year October 2018

  1. Clear your study area to make it neat & decluttered.
  2. Set clear goals to get something done.
  3. Treat yourself after reaching your goals. Treats are important.
  4. Work against the clock.
  5. Keep to a schedule.
  6. Keep to a schedule
  7. Study in the morning
  8. Teach someone else
  9. Use a white board
  10. Take brief notes
  11. Number the pints in your notes or on your list
  12. Use sticky notes
  13. Use highlighters and colours
  14. Use flashcards to jog your memory
  15. Use diagrams and flowcharts
  16. Use Goggle to make mind maps
  17. Use graphic organisers to make information more manageable
  18. Test yourself before you start studying & at the end
  19. Visit the Guidance counsellor to see how many points you need and what levels
  20. Listen in class- Move away from distractions.
  21. At the end of class rite don what you have learnt- 3 points
  22. Think about dead time- how can I use it better
  23. Listen to audios on the phone
  24. Use pictures to help learning
  25. Set up a study group & share notes
  26. Use relevant websites to help learning
  27. Practice answers and exam questions
  28. Eat healthy food such as fish, berries, protein foods. Drink water
  29. Get a good sleep routine- stop looking at the screen before bedtime
  30. Get 8.5 hours sleep minimum.

Check back soon for more tips......

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