SSE Committee update

Update on SSE Committee

The SSE committee met to discuss the next steps in our School Self Evaluation process.

It was decided that three groups will be formed; Literacy; Numeracy; and Teaching and Learning. Members of the SSE committee decided which group to go into.

The Literacy group discussed the following:

IXL to be rolled out to all Junior Cycle students.

Planning a literacy week for the last week in November

Collate data on the number of books read by each first year English class as part of MS Readathon

First year students could do a term report on a book read in reading class

Possibility of setting up a Literacy Wall on one of the walls in an upstairs corridor

The Numeracy group discussed the following:

IXL to be rolled out to all Junior Cycle students

Possibility of setting up a Numeracy Wall on one of the upstairs corridor walls.

Teachers will be asked / reminded to give back tests without the percentage calculated and get students to calculate the percentage themselves.

The main method of tracking progress will remain the students journals.

The current focus on Learning Intentions will continue, and a second focus will be decided upon at the next meeting.

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