An assembly was held today for all 1st, 2nd & 5th Year students regarding expected behaviour during exams, location of exams and subject clashes.

It is inevitable that there will be subject clashes when arranging the House Exams over a relatively short period of time. Please note that if your son/daughter is affected by a clash of subjects that there will be a time arranged to sit one of those exams at a later exam slot. If your son/daughter was absent today they need to inform Ms. Flynn of this by Thursday so an alternative arrangement can be made. Alternative arrangements will also be made, where possible, for students that may be absent for medical appointments/dental appointments.

Students were also informed that if they do not have an exam at a particular examination slot that they have the option of studying at home or studying in their exam centre. If you give permission for your son/daughter to study at home there must be a note in your son/daughters journal, which in turn must be stamped. We would ask that students have those notes by Friday morning to enable us to stamp them. These notes will be examined when your son/daughter leaves the school therefore they should remain in the journal. They will also be examined if your son/daughter arrives at school for an exam at a time other than 9am.

It should also be noted that students must be present at the start of the exam slot for Registration for exam slot they are presenting themselves for. Also no student will be permitted to leave an exam centre early.

Students were also informed about expected behaviour during exams and that disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. If a student misbehaves they will receive a verbal warning.If he/she misbehaves again he/she will be sent home to complete their examinations at home for the duration of the exams.

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