3rd Year CAT4 testing


3rd Year CAT4 testing will take place this week.

3.1, 3.2, 3.3 Testing on Monday 09-12-2019 9-1pm
3.4, 3.5, 3.6 Testing on Tuesday 10-12-2019 9-1pm
3.7 testing on Wednesday 11-12-2019 9-12.35pm
All students need ear phones.
Parents report can be purchased online for €5.
If any parent did not receive the letter concerning the testing next week, I am attaching it below.
Ms Urell
Guidance Counsellor

Dear 3rd Year Parent/Guardian,

Your son/daughter will sit their Leaving Certificate in 2022/2023 depending on whether they choose to apply for the optional Transition Year programme next year. This may seems like a very long time away but the reality is that they will be making subject choice decisions very soon which may well affect the career paths open to them on completion of Senior Cycle at KTCS.

It is important that students make their subject choice from an informed position. To this end we conduct interest and aptitude tests with 3rd Year students to help them identify their strengths and interest areas and in turn assist them with subject choice decision making.

Your son/daughter will be sitting his/her CAT aptitude test and Probe interest test on Monday 09-12-2019 from 9am- 1.15pm for 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, on Tuesday 10-12-2019 from 9am- 1.15pm for 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 , and on Wednesday 11-12-2019 from 9am- 1.15pm in the school IT room. In order to answer the test questions they will need a set of personal headphones. They cannot prepare for the test and should look upon it as an opportunity to learn more about their abilities and improve their learning.

The results of these tests will be used to help students when choosing their subjects and courses for senior Cycle and beyond. Students will meet their Guidance Counsellor in class groups to explore their subject options. A parent’s report is available at a cost of €5. If any parent requires a copy of the report, they should pay the €5 fee on the easy payments section of the school website.

An information meeting on Senior Cycle options will be held in the school on Thursday 9th January 2020. At this meeting, parents will be given all information on subjects, requirements, transition year and Leaving Cert programmes in KTCs as well as the key dates for decisions and return of forms by your son/ daughter. Completed Senior Cycle application forms must be returned to the Principal during the week of Monday 21-01-2019 to Friday 25th January 2019 at 1.15pm. Applications made after this date will be considered as late applications.

Students can make an appointment with the Guidance Counsellor on this day to discuss their aptitudes and proposed subjects for senior cycle. It is hoped to meet as many 3rd Year students as possible for subject choice in school during December and January and students will be given a time in advance for this meeting. Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend this meeting.

Yours sincerely


Elizabeth Urell (Guidance Counsellor KTCS)

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